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Do You Need a Wall Phone?

Thank author of this post/commentSometimes, I still think we should have a wall phone. I don't have anything against desktop phones. The only thing is that I have small kids around the house and most of the time, they play with the phone.

I'm afraid that they may accidentally call the police or an emergency line like what happened to the child of one of my friends. Also, the wireless handset is often misplaced. Sometimes, I need to look around the house for the handset if I like to make a call. Good thing though that our phone set has a handset locator.

Having a wall phone would present the desk or side tables with less clutter. Since the unit is hung up on the wall, my smaller kids cannot reach it and toy with it. It can be placed almost anywhere - there are plenty of walls around.

The downside maybe of having a wall phone is that most wall phones have limited features. And if you're using one that is not wireless, you're pretty limited to where you can get the call. You would also need to drill a hole on your beautiful wall. Also, if you're like me, a mom who has little kids, you should see this coming - my two-year old daughter would keep asking me to carry her so she can reach the wall phone. What is it with phones that kids like to play with them!

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Thank author of this post/comment"Desk Phones"

Many desk phones come with a mounting bracket to make it into a wall phone!
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Chin chin

I can definitely relate to the first post. Kids are so playful that they almost always include the telephone in their make believe world - role playing that they are talking with someone on the phone.

I did not know that desk phones can be mounted to make it into a wall phone. Doesn't the handset fall off? Or the desk phone must be specifically manufactured for dual purposes?

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I also have the same problem with my phone. My youngest daughter would play with the telephone and most of the time let it hang in the table. I would miss lots of important calls because of that. I think it would be much better if phones are wall mounted so it would be much harder for them to play with the phones. Anyway, thanks for sharing in here and good day.
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It is more advantageous if you take a wall phone, so that kids won't be able to reach it easily. At times I also encounter such problem with my son. He usually reaches the phone on the table and I could not get the call. I think it is important that the phone has a good place in the house which is out of reach of children. Great day.
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A home phone is a definite space saver and it keeps it away from naughty kids. I used to have one in my office cubicle but I opted to put it back on my desk for proximity though. Anyway, if you don't have enough office space, it's good to just use a wall phone and it doesn't really matter if wall phones have limited features. You only use it to make and receive calls anyway.
Thank author of this post/comment"Wall Phones?!?!?"

Man, I can't believe people are talking about phones these days!

I think the more apt question would be "Do you need a PHONE?"

What on earth is the point of a phone in the age of the internet!

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Los angeles
Thank author of this post/comment"best business telephony"

I think you must keep the Wall Phone Without wireless.Because your kids were very naughty i think so.

Wall phone is better that Landline when children are in home.This is Good idea which you have taken.

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